About The Show!! Edit

A teenage girl write something of her family and friends.But she need it when she grow up she wants to look it over.

Theme Song Edit

  • "I need it" performed by Olivia Stuck and Katherine McNamara

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Season One Episode Edit

  1. "My 1st Dairy"
  2. "The Boy I loved"
  3. "I need an A"
  4. "Try it, Cheer it"
  5. "Happy Mother Day"
  6. "Mine Best Friend Mine, Mine"
  7. "Go Prank,No Prank"
  8. "Worst Teacher vs. Best Teacher"
  9. "Burgers are Dancers"
  10. "Singing For My Love"
  11. "My 10th Dairy"
  12. Angel Can You Keep a Secret
  13. "Kick Out"
  14. "Sister Vs.Brother"
  15. "Summer in Las Vegas"